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What is the Job Posting Landscape?

Did you know that there are about 40,000 online, niche job boards?  Examples include AllRetailsJobs.com or beautyJOBshop.com.  And then there are the job aggregator boards.  The best known examples are Indeed and Simply Hired.  And don’t forget the major job boards.  You know them as CareerBuilder and Monster.  As an employer, where should you post your jobs?  As a job seeker, where should you search for employment?

Are Free Job Posting Sites Really Free?

Free job postingsIn many cases, sites that say they are free job posting sites, aren’t really free.  Aggregator sites let employers post their jobs for free, but charge the employer when someone clicks on their job posting.  And aggregator sites often leave job postings on their sites long after the jobs have been filled.  This leaves a negative impression with job seekers. Niche sites that offer free job postings will likely charge employers to feature their jobs.

As an employer, if you search for ‘free job posting sites’ you’ll get about 72 million results.  Sounds great, right?  Well, after going through the first 10 pages or so of results, here’s what I found.  Many of the sites were ‘free’ for job seekers.  Some offered ‘free trials’ for job posting.  Others offered ‘free’ job posting, but then charged to get access to the resumes.  And some offered free job postings, but charged employers a pay per click fee when someone clicked on the posting.  Hmmm.  I guess with ‘free job posting sites’ you get what you pay for!

Where Can Employers Really Post Jobs for Free?

Employers can post jobs for free on their social accounts.  Daily updates on Facebook can be used for posting jobs.  For example, Facebook has a page where you can explore their careers. Twitter accounts can be set up using the word ‘Jobs’ in the Account name.  This lets job seekers search using the hashtag #jobs to find those accounts.  Examples include @mashablejobs and @DisneyAnimjobs.  Google+ is another resource for posting jobs.

Employers can also post job openings on their own career site.  While advantageous for larger employers that have recognized brands, this option isn’t as effective for the small to medium sized businesses because job seekers may never have heard of the company name.

OK, don’t give up on me here.  There are also places besides your OWN sites where you can post jobs for free!

Alumni for Free Job Posting SitesMany of the college/university alumni sites welcome free employer job postings.  Search for ‘post jobs for free on alumni sites’ for those results.  You can see an example at the NYU alumni/career site.

How Important Is Employer Branding?

There’s a lot of talk about job seekers branding themselves.  It’s just as important for employers to brand themselves.  It’s important in order to attract good candidates.  And remember, candidates are also consumers.  Their impression of your company will also influence their buying habits. And I don’t just mean getting people to picture your store whenever they see your corporate logo.  Job seekers are doing a lot of online research when exploring job opportunities.  And 75% of workers are either looking for a new job or are open to a new position.  It’s important to keep your brand in front of them.

Candidates Free Job Posting SitesThere’s a disparity between many employer hiring practices and the job seeker experience.  And that disparity can really hurt employers far beyond hiring.  It’s important to remember that job seekers are also consumers.  If they have a positive experience during the application process with a company, they are more likely to purchase from that company or recommend the company to others.  Likewise, a negative experience translates to not buying from that company and, even worse, telling others about their negative experience.

In this day of social media exchange, negative feedback can spread quickly.  This doesn’t mean that the candidate needs to be hired.  It simply means that they should feel that the company has been responsive to them throughout the application process.  Employers need to consider that the hiring process is also an integral part of their branding.

How Can Small and Medium Sized Employers Even the Playing Field?

Let’s face it, larger employers have the advantage when it comes to hiring.  Their brands are recognized.  Their hiring budgets are larger.  They have more resources.  They are able to look within their employee ranks to find candidates.  In fact, most large employers look to their internal candidate pool first.  Small employers don’t have that kind of talent pool.

But that doesn’t mean that small to medium sized companies need to be shut out when it comes to competing for great talent.

Smaller companies can utilize alumni job boards and college career sites as free job posting sites.



Most free job posting sites aren’t really free for employers.  They may be free for job seekers to search for jobs, but employers either pay to post jobs or pay per click when job seekers click on the job postings.

There are free job posting opportunities through college/university career and alumni sites.  These can be easily found by searching for ‘post jobs for free on alumni sites’.

Look for sites that give you exposure to quality candidates and that give you the opportunity to track your results.  Look for opportunities to share your brand and attract both current job seekers as well as passive candidates who may become part of your talent pool.

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