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Find Real Person Companies Where You Would Love to be a Real Person Employee

Instead of desperately trying to get a job anywhere with any company, wouldn’t it be great if you could go to work for a company where you really wanted to be?  Wouldn’t it be great to work for a company that valued you as a real person who contributed real solutions?  You can do that!

Get a Job With Real Person Companies

We like to call these companies ‘Real Person Companies’ because they think about their employees as real people with real ideas and solutions.  You can find these companies and you can get opportunities for employment with them without having to go through online job boards.

Today, we are going to show you how to find those companies.  And we will give you a tool that you can use to track the information you need to apply for jobs without applying online.

Be Sure to Read These First

If you are new to The Real Person Job StrategyTM, you should start first by reading two of our articles.  The first is ‘Why You Don’t Want to Apply For a Job on Job Search Sites’.  Once you have read that, then read ‘Find a Job: Overcome Fears That Get in Your Way’.  These two articles will help you understand The Real Person Job StrategyTM and our different approach to how to get a job.  They will also prepare you to be successful with the strategy we are going to share in today’s article about how to find Real Person Companies.

Get a Job: Begin with The Real Person Mindset

Get a Job Real PersonBefore we get started with the actual work of finding Real Person Companies, let’s begin with the work of getting in the right frame of mind to be successful in your quest to get a job.  Get over the idea that you are desperate to get a job.  Get over the idea that you need to struggle to get someone to hire you.  Get over the idea that you would be lucky to get a job with any company.  That was the old you, the person who was reduced to just a piece of paper full of bullet points and keywords.  You are a Real Person with real ideas and real solutions.  A Real Person Company will be excited to have you become part of their team because they believe you will provide value and they can see you being successful there.

You are a Real Person with The Real Person Job StrategyTM.  The Real You:

  • Has a Plan
  • Is a Solution Provider
  • Offers value
  • Knows You Can Make a Difference
  • Will Get a Job With a Real Person Company

This article covers how to find Real Person Companies when you already know the job titles you are looking for.  In our course ‘The Real Person Job StrategyTM’ you will dig deeper into exploring job titles as well as looking at career options for career changers and new graduates.

Ok, Let’s Get Started

Go to Indeed (  You could also use Simply Hired, or other online job sites.  And you could use LinkedIn, using their Advanced Feature to search for specific job titles by location.  We cover using the LinkedIn Advanced Feature in our course.

In the search field, enter one of your job titles and your desired location.  Your search will pull up a list of jobs and you will be able to see the companies in your area that are hiring for those positions.  If you already know some companies in your area where you would like to work, you can plug in their names in the search field to see if they offer the jobs you want.  You can also go to each company’s website and search their career page for their jobs.

If you are having trouble finding job titles, you can use LinkedIn to browse job title at or use the Federal Government Bureau of Labor Statistics site to look up jobs at

Locate Companies That Offer the Kinds of Positions That You Want

Your goal using Indeed is to find companies that offer the kinds of positions that you would want.  You are not going to apply to those jobs that you find on Indeed and you don’t really need to be concerned if the jobs are actually currently open.  In fact, by the time you find a job that is posted on Indeed, it is often already filled, so don’t even worry about trying to get that job that you see online.  You have better things to do!

Create a List of 10 Companies

Make a list of up to 10 companies that are offering the job titles you want.  You can list more than 10, but 10 will keep you busy.  To keep track of these companies and other information that will help you get a job without applying online, create an Excel spreadsheet.  Your spreadsheet should have 9 columns.  The first column should be titled with the job title that you were researching.  Under that column heading you are going to list all of the companies that you found that were offering that job.  The additional 8 columns should be titled Date Posted, Company Address, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Employer Needs, Contact Opportunities, and Notes.  Complete the information for each column, but leave Employer Needs, Contact Opportunities, and Notes blank.  You are going to have some fun with those later.  And those 3 columns are going to give you the keys to your success!

Get a Job Tracker

If you are researching more than one job title, then you will create a Tab and sheet for each job title using your Excel Spreadsheet.  We cover the Real Person Job Tracker in depth in The Real Person Job StrategyTM course.

Facebook and Twitter

By the way, if you don’t currently have Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will want to set them up now so you can follow the company Facebook page and interact on Twitter.  You don’t need to make Facebook or Twitter a full time obsession.  You simply want to be able to interact with each company in a professional way and be able to research employees within each company.  We’ll cover more details of how to effectively use Facebook and Twitter in another strategy session.

Make Copies of Each Job Description

Make copies of the job descriptions that you find, either in an electronic folder or you can simply print them out and put them into a folder that you will label ‘Job Descriptions’.  Be sure that you have the company name on the job description.  It’s important to keep these job descriptions handy so you can reference them when you need information for your Real Person Resume StoryTM and your GAINFUL Meeting LetterTM.  You’ll also use them for buffing up your LinkedIn Profile, which we cover in The Real Person Job StrategyTM course.

Do Not Apply

You are not going to apply to the jobs that you found online.  Really.  Don’t do that.  If you are reading our strategy it is because you have already tried applying to jobs online and it hasn’t worked for you.  Let the rest of the crowd do that.  You are a Real Person, not a piece of paper.

Summary of Your Accomplishments

At this point you should have a spreadsheet that includes one or more job titles and a list of up to 10 companies for each job title.  These companies should all be in or near your preferred location.  Your spreadsheet should be looking pretty complete, with all columns filled in except for Employer Needs, Contact Opportunities, and Notes.  You should also have an electronic or paper folder containing your job descriptions.  You should also have both your Twitter and Facebook accounts set up.  Great job!

You are one step closer to getting a job without applying online.

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