How to Find the Name of the Hiring Manager at Companies Where You Want to Work

And How to Use That Information to Get a Job Without Applying Online!

Have you been following The Real Person Job Strategy?  Then you have a list of companies where you want to work, you have identified each company’s needs, and you are ready to give them the opportunity to meet you.  Great!  But just how do you figure out which companies are going to have that chance to have a consultative meeting with you?  And how do you find the hiring manager?

Things That Don’t Work

Remember, when you use The Real Person Job Strategy you are NOT going to apply online through job boards.  Nothing against online job boards and nothing against applying online….except, well,  they don’t work.  Right?  Or you probably wouldn’t be here.

Over the years I’ve tried lots of things that don’t work.  You probably have too.  But pretty soon we both realize that it’s time to figure out what DOES work and do that instead!  I’m not saying that The Real Person Job Strategy is going to guarantee that you will get an interview or a job.  But I am saying that if you have been trying to get a job by applying online through online job boards and you haven’t been successful, then you need to try something else.  You need The Real Person Job Strategy.

Your Goals

As a reminder, your goals are to:

  • identify the places where you want to work
  • determine those companies’ needs
  • match your experiences to those needs
  • give the company an opportunity to consult with you about those needs
  • and show how you are the solution provider for those needs

As a job seeker, you want to stop talking about your skills and start talking about how you solve the needs that employers have.  Once you reach the person who has the real need (the hiring manager), then you can have a productive and consultative conversation about his/her needs and how you are the solution provider for their needs.  This will flip your interviews from grill and drill sessions into meaningful strategic conversations that are a win for the hiring manager AND for you.

You have explored the companies where you want to work.  They may or may not currently have open jobs that you want, but you have determined that they do hire for the roles you are interested in.  Since you aren’t going to apply directly for those jobs online AND your also aren’t going to apply directly to those jobs when you contact a hiring manager, you don’t need to worry about whether or not the job is open.  In fact, many of the jobs that you see online are already filled by the time you go to apply.

How to Find Your Hiring Manager

So let’s get started finding the hiring manager.

You have made a list of 10 job titles that you would be interested in and that would be a good fit for you based on your ability to solve the needs of the job and the company.  Now you are ready to dig in and find those hiring managers.

Cat and Mouse Game: Using LinkedIn

One successful strategy to find the hiring manager is to use LinkedIn.  This is a little like playing Cat and Mouse, so be patient.  (You are the Cat!)

For each job title, spend some time thinking about potential titles for a manager for that job.  For example, if you want to be an accountant, you might search for Accounting Manager.  If you are looking for a truck driver job, the manager might be a Transportation Manager, or Driver Manager.  If you are interested in a job in marketing, the manager might be the Marketing or Communications Manager.  Jot down your list of potential ‘Boss’ job titles.  You’ll need them for your next step.

Hiring Manager LinkedIn Advanced SearchGo to LinkedIn (  In the top center of the page you will see the search field where you can look for people, groups, or companies.  Just to the right of the search field you will see the word ‘Advanced’.  Click on Advanced.

On the left side of the Advanced Search Page you will see fields for Keyword, First Name, Last Name, Company, etc.  Since you don’t know the person’s name yet, just enter the company name into the Company Name field.  Just to test out how this works, click on Search.  You start to see a list of people who work or have worked for this company.  That’s cool.  But let’s refine it a little more.

Using the potential titles that you came up with for each job at a company, try entering those job titles into the Job title field.  Use words like ‘Manager’ or ‘Director’ or ‘Vice President’ for higher level positions.  You can also narrow down the results by using the ‘Location’ field.   Make sure you select ‘Current’ from the field that says ‘Current or Past’.

Click ‘Submit’ to see your results.  Click on any of the results and you will get more information about that individual.  In addition to your main results in the center of the page, on the right side of the page you will see photos of ‘People Also Viewed’, which will often give you another group of possibilities.  Below those you will see how you are connected to each person.

A Little Trick You Can Use

A little trick: Once you have pulled up your list of people, you may find that you can’t connect with them.  However, using the Advanced fields on the left side of the page, you can enter the person’s first and last name and their company, select ‘Current’ and then ‘Search’.  In most cases the result will pull up the one person and will give you the opportunity to ‘Connect’.  I’m not suggesting that you do connect, because it doesn’t allow you to personalize your message, but know that this option is there if you need it down the road.  (So for those of you who think this could be a quick fix, it isn’t!)

You can also use LinkedIn to find other people who are already in your network who work for the company you are interested in.  Connect with them and ask if they can tell you who the hiring manager is for a specific department.  Note: Many times I have people ask me for one of my contacts at a company that they are interested in.  They tell me that they are going to ask that person for help.  May I simply say, ‘NO’.  Asking someone that you have no connection with to help you is not productive.  And asking them to then connect you with the hiring manager won’t work either.  As a Cat, you may lose one of your nine lives if you try this tactic.  ‘Meow’….

Use LinkedIn Search to Find Jobs

Using LinkedIn search you can also search for jobs at the company you are interested in.  When you click on any of the ‘Jobs’ LinkedIn will show you if you have any connections at the company.  If you aren’t familiar with using LinkedIn to search for jobs, just use the Search field at the top center and type in the name of the company, then choose ‘Jobs at ‘Company Name’ from the drop down list.

How to Find the Hiring Manager When the Company is Large

You Are a Clever Cat

If the company is really large, it gets more challenging to find the hiring manager.  But you are a clever Cat.  If there are too many results from LinkedIn, go to the Company’s Corporate Website.  Look up the ‘leadership’ or ‘Management’ bios on the website and find the one that is most closely tied to your area.  For example, you may select the CFO for your accounting job, or the COO for a job in operations or the CTO for a job in IT.  Take those names and head back to LinkedIn.  Search for the higher level person using the LinkedIn search field.  You will be able to see their connections.  There’s a good chance they are connected to your hiring manager and you will be able to uncover their name.  Food for thought – contacting the CEO of a large company probably won’t work for you because you will get stopped by their ‘gatekeeper’ executive assistant and you will wind up in the literal black hole called her waste basket.   You can also search for hiring managers and/or their bosses on the corporate website under the ‘About Us’ section, ‘Press Releases’, or ‘News’. Or simply google ‘Press Releases’  or ‘News’ and the company name.

I am not going to tell you that this strategy will work 100% of the time.  It won’t.  But it will work a large percentage of the time.  And that’s better odds than what you have been getting by applying through online job boards.

Find the Hiring Manager Using Google

You can also use Google to help you find the hiring manager at a company.   In your browser, type in the company name and the position title.  For example, if you type in Blackboard (company name) and Vice President, the results produce “Meet the Leadership team|Blackboard”, the Senior VP of Corporate Strategy, The SVP and General Counsel, the SVP of Marketing and Sales, and several more.  You can check these names out on LinkedIn to get more information.

Use the A to Z Directory to Find the Hiring Manager

If you have a public library card, you can also use the A to Z directory.  While not all libraries use A to Z, many do.  A to Z is an online database of businesses.  Sign in to your library’s online system and look for their digital resources.  Find A to Z and open it.  Type in the name of the company and search.  You will often find a list of the key employees and sometimes you will see the email addresses.  You’ll also get the company address.  Use LinkedIn to check out these key people to verify that they still work there.  A to Z is good, but the information isn’t always current.  There’s lots more you can use A to Z for, but we’ll save that for our course.

Once you have found the hiring manager’s name, I also like to Google them to look for their company address and any other information I can find.


So hey.  Now you have a list of companies that interest you.  You know the company has had jobs that you want.  You have found the name of the hiring manager.  You have the address for the hiring manager.

Next up: Turn Your Traditional Resume into a Real Person Story and write your GAINFUL meeting letter.  You are getting ready for LAUNCH!

Let us know how it’s going in the Comments Section below.

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