Have you ever been told that you need to use ‘keywords’ in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile?  That’s all fine and dandy, but how do you know which keywords to use?  Where do you find them?

It’s Not Rocket Science

While those keywords may seem elusive, it’s actually not hard to find them.  You just need a process and a little patience.  Are you ready?  Ok, let’s get started.

Step-by-Step Process

Step #1

You’re going to begin by selecting a job that you are interested in.  To do this, go to www.CareerFaithful.com and click on Find Jobs (under the Job Seeker tab on the home page).  Using the search feature enter some words that describe what kind of job you are looking for and your preferred location.  For example, if you are looking for a job in business development in Detroit, enter ‘business development’ and Detroit, MI.  Click on Search.  From your search results, select one of the jobs and click on it to open up the job description.  Make sure the job description provides plenty of information about job requirements.  (I have found that some job descriptions are very limited.  You want to use a job description that does a good job of explaining the requirements)  Keep this job description open on your computer because you’re going to need it in a minute.

Step #2

Now go to your browser and enter www.worditout.com.  WordItOut is a free software platform that creates a Word Cloud from text that you enter.
Word Clouds are fun because they display the text in different sizes, depending upon the frequency that each word is used.  The more often the word is used, the larger the font size will be for that word.  You have probably seen these ‘tag clouds’ in the side bar of some websites.  Today, we’re going to use WordItOut to create a word cloud of your job description.  WordItOut is free, with no registration required.  Yeah!

Step #3

Once you have opened up WordItOut, click on the +Create tab at the top.  This will open up a large box that says “Make a Word Cloud”.  Go back to your job description and copy the text.  Then paste the text into the large box in WordItOut where it says “Enter your original text here”.  Now click on the green “WordItOut” button on the right side of the box.  You have just created your first WordItOut masterpiece.  Give yourself a ‘high five’!

Step #4  worditout keywords

Don’t click on the green ‘Save’ button yet.  You’re not done.  Scroll down until you come to another large box.  At the top right you will see this:

Settings:  Text    Word List    Word Cloud.   Click on ‘Word List’.  You will now see all of the words that you copied and pasted into your  WordItOut.

The words in green are the ones that are currently displayed on your design.  The ones in dark red are not currently displayed on your design.  Your task is to go through the words to make sure you are selecting the ones you need for your finished piece.  This is where a little common sense is going to pay off.  You do have common sense, right?

Look at each word and decide if it’s important enough to include in your final display.  How do you decide?  Think of your final list as the list of words that you will want to consider using in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile.  If it’s not really relevant to the ‘business development’ position that you selected, you can remove it.  For example, you can remove the company’s name if that is appearing in the list.  You are probably going to find some words that you can remove and some that you want to include.  As you hover your cursor over each word, a small box will appear showing you how many times the word was in your text.  Words that are used more frequently are often a good choice to keep.  You’ll then have the option to either include the word or remove it.  The words in dark red probably only appear once in your text, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t important.  For example, the job description may have included words like ‘writing’, ‘analytical’, and ‘presentation’ skills.  They were probably only mentioned once, but they are required skills that you’ll want to include in your profile.  So when you hover over those, you can select to ‘include’ them.  Once you include them, they will turn green.  If you remove a word, it turns dark red and it will not appear in your creation.

Step #5

Once you have gone through your word list, click on the blue ‘Apply’ button in the upper right of the box.  You’ll see your revised WordItOut creation.  You can adjust your words as many times as you want.  You can also change how your word cloud looks.  Click on ‘Word Cloud’.  You can adjust the background color, text color, font, and font sizes.  The default font size range is 60 (largest) to 15(smallest).  I like to increase the largest to 80 because it gives a little more differentiation in the word sizes.

Step #6

When you are satisfied with your Word Cloud, click on the green ‘Save’ button.  You will be asked to give a title and description for your word cloud, to select if you want it public or private, and to provide your email address. Select ‘private’.   WordItOut will send you a confirming email.  Click on the link to confirm and you will be taken back to WordItOut where you can click on your new design.  From there you can download the image.

Using your new WordItOut image, you can easily see the words you should consider using in your resume and your LinkedIn profile.  You can do this for any job description to give you an idea of the keywords that are important.

Now It’s Your Turn

Using WordItOut is a fun way to find keywords for your LinkedIn profile and resume.  Give it a try and post a comment to let us know how it worked for you.  If you need help, be sure to post a comment and we’ll do our best to help.

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