Do you keep reading articles that tell you that you need to be using Twitter to search for jobs?  I guess if you’re a Twitter expert, then that might be easy.  But what if you’re not an expert?  I can tell you that I am definitely not a Twitter expert, but I did want to know how people could use Twitter to help them find a job.  So I went to the founders of Warble, a free software that lets you track keywords, #hashtags, phrases and more and have the results sent directly to your Inbox.  I asked them, “How can someone use Warble to help them create connections that could lead to a job?”  And they had some pretty amazing ideas that you can use, starting today, to help you get a job.

Getting Started With Your Twitter Job Search

To use Warble, you do need to have a Twitter account.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, go to, find the SignUp box and create your account.  If you need help getting your Twitter account set up, leave a comment at the end of this article and we’ll help you.

Signup for Warble

Once you have your Twitter account, you are now going to sign up for Warble.  Go to  That’s not a typo.  It’s, not Warble Signup for job  Click on ‘Start Using Warble Now’ in the top right corner of the home page or click on any of the SignUp Now buttons.  Then click on the blue ‘Authorize App’, which will allow Warble to access your account so they can send you alerts.

Follow Companies, Connect with Recruiters, Find Specific Jobs in a Targeted Location…and more

Using Warble, you are going to be able to use Twitter to help you find a job, follow a company, connect with people within companies, and more.  I’ll give you some examples here in our article.  Use our examples as a springboard for your own ideas about how you can effectively use Warble.  To get started you will click on Setup Your First Alert.

Find a Specific Job within a Radius of a Specific Location

Suppose you are looking for a position as a Business Development Manager within a 10 mile radius of San Francisco, CA.  In your “alert criteria” box enter: business development manager geocode:37.774929,-122.419416,10mi  twitter job alerts

The ‘Deliver To’ drop down should be your email from your Twitter account.  This is the email where you will receive the alerts.  Click on Preview to see the kinds of alerts you will get.  Then click on Setup and you will start receiving daily alerts with your new Alert.  I encourage you to look at the Preview so you’ll get a good idea of the kind of results you are going to get.

But wait!  What are all those numbers in the alert and where did they come from?  Great questions!  Warble uses the longitude and latitude for each location around the world.  You can do it too.  It’s easy.  Use the link  Simply enter the city and state in the “Place Name” box then click on ‘Find’.  The latitude and longitude will appear.  You can copy and paste them into Warble.  Put the latitude first, then the longitude.  Be sure to put a comma between them.  If you only want results within a certain distance from the location, simply add the number of miles after the longitude, as shown in the example above.

What’s the difference between just entering the city and state into the Alerts Criteria box and entering the latitude and longitude?  If you enter the city and state, you will get alerts that are about that city and state.  If you use the latitude and longitude feature, you will get alerts about tweets that are actually coming from someone in that location.

Find Jobs at a Specific Company

Are you interested in working for a specific company?  Warble can help with that.  In the ‘Alerts Criteria’ enter the company’s twitter name followed by the word “hiring”.  Be sure to include the quotation marks.  Here’s how it might look if you were looking for jobs at Zappos.

  • @zappos “hiring”

What if you want to know if Zappos is hiring a developer?  Just modify your Alerts Criteria like this:

  • @zappos “hiring” and “developer”

Notice that each word is in quotes.  That way Warble will search for each word separately.  If you put both words within the same quote marks, then Warble will look for that exact phrase and you are likely to get fewer (or no) results.  It’s another great reason to use the Preview button!

Find Jobs at Companies That Promote Their Job Sites

Many companies have set up Twitter accounts specifically so they can promote their jobs.  You can follow those Twitter accounts by setting up an Alert for each of those companies.  Some examples include:

  • @attjobs (jobs at AT&T)
  • @mtvnetworksjobs (jobs at MTV)
  • @TRcareers (jobs at Thomson Reuters)

Make it even more specific by adding the kind of position you want.  For example:

  • @attjobs “customer service”

Use #Hashtags to Find Tweets about Jobs

A great way to find companies and/or people to follow is by using #hashtags in your Alert Criteria.  Let’s say you want to find companies and people find jobs using twitterthat are talking about jobs in Cleveland, Ohio.  In your Alert Criteria box enter this:

  • #CleJobs

Use the Preview button to see your results.  You’ll find hundreds of jobs, as well as some Twitter Accounts that post jobs in Cleveland.

Let’s say that you want to get more specific.  You’re looking for trucking jobs in Cleveland that require a CDL Class A license.  In your Alerts Criteria box enter this:

  • #CleJobs “cdl class a”

Click on the Preview button and you’ll see tweets that use the #clejobs hashtag and also include the phrase ‘cdl class a’.  find trucking jobs using twitter

Or perhaps you are looking for jobs working for American Greetings in Cleveland.  In your Alerts Criteria box enter this:

  • #Jobs “American Greetings” and “Cleveland”

Click the Preview button to see your results.

How Do You Use Your Alerts Results?

Now that you’ve got the hang of setting up your alerts, what can you do with them?  When you look at the results for each alert, you’ll find companies and people that you want to follow.  By following these companies and people, you’ll start getting their tweets in your twitter feed.  You can then start engaging with them.

Now It’s Your Turn to Set Up Your Twitter Alerts

You have your Twitter Account set up.  You’ve signed up for Warble.  Now it’s time to create your first Alert.  We’d love to know the criteria you use for your first Alert.  By sharing your Alert in our Comments section, you’ll be inspiring others to create their Alerts.  You’ll also be helping yourself because you’ll be adding to your searchable content on the web.

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