You are looking for an entry level position in healthcare.  You have nearly completed your bachelor’s degrees in healthcare management.  You are looking for a career change so you can go into the healthcare field.  So far, you have been unable to find work in the healthcare field.

Let’s change that!

We’re going to begin with some strategies that will help you update your LinkedIn profile and help prepare you to apply for jobs that may be a good fit.  As a caveat: I can provide you with the steps to take, but as you know, only you can make the choice to follow those steps.  I can’t guarantee you that you will get a job, but I can guarantee you that you will feel much more in control and you will put yourself in a much better position to get a job that you want.

What Companies Are You Targeting?

What companies are you targeting in your area?  Why do you want to work for them?  What entry level job openings do they have? (Make a list)  Go totarget healthcare companies each company’s career page and look at the most recent entry level jobs.  Write down the qualifications (skills, experience, requirements) for each one.  See what similarities there are in the requirements.  Those are good ‘keywords’ to include in your LinkedIn profile.  Once you have your target companies, why you want to work for them, a list of entry level jobs at each one, and a list of the skills, experience, requirements completed, you are ready for the next step.

Healthcare Courses

Make a list of the healthcare related courses that you have taken in your degree program.  Think through what you actually learned and did in each of those courses and how you can use that information to add some keywords to your summary.  For example, did you learn about HIPPA?  Make a list of the skills and competencies you got from each of your healthcare courses.  Did you do any projects in your classes that might have demonstrated some proficiency in healthcare?  Your goal here is to demonstrate that, while you don’t have specific healthcare work experience, you do have some strong background in healthcare that would be perfect for an entry level position.  See how your education matches up to those keywords that you identified in the entry level jobs.  (By now, you should be starting to feel more confident that you are a good fit for some of these jobs!!)

Your Work Experience

You should be proud of your work history.  Now, take the time to expand on the description for each of your jobs.  Explain what skills and competencies that you demonstrated at each position.  Expand on each job and tell everyone what you did there.  Avoid using phrases like, ‘made a difference’, or ‘contributed to the company’s success’.  Instead, use specific examples (factual ones) that show how you helped each company solve a problem, or improve customer service, or increased revenue.  Employers are looking for specifics, not vague phrases.  (This is true for your resume too)  Also, go back to those keywords that you uncovered in the healthcare job descriptions.  See where you can include some of those terms (or similar ones) into your own job descriptions.  Even though none of your jobs are in healthcare, I bet you can see some words that are the same or similar.   And if you have any work experience that is related to healthcare, be sure to include those ‘job description’ keywords.

Your LinkedIn ‘Title’

LinkedIn lets you include quite a bit of description as part of your title.  You can include a vertical line | between bits of information that you want to share.  This would be another good place to include some healthcare related words.

Writing your summary

If you want to be in the healthcare industry, then your summary needs to be about you and how you are a good fit for the healthcare industry.  People who are looking at your profile and are interested in you as a possible candidate will be looking for how you could be a good fit.

Think about how you can write your summary to showcase your specific contributions as they relate to healthcare.  You don’t need to say that you are looking for an entry level healthcare position.  Why?  Because if you are applying for an entry level position and the employer goes to look at your profile, he/she will already know that you are seeking that role.

Education on your profile

Consider adding individual courses that you took in healthcare, especially if they use the same keywords that you found in the healthcare jobs.  These can be picked up by a recruiter and they can see that you have the training they are looking for in the job.


You should always be working on improving your LinkedIn connections.   Look on LinkedIn for a few good groups to join.  The max is 50, but start connecting to find healthcare jobswith a few that are healthcare related and participate in their discussions.  When you add comments, be sure to check your spelling and grammar before you post.  You can also start discussions in those groups, just be sure that you have read each group’s rules and follow them.  I bet you can find some interesting articles to post about healthcare and you can always start a discussion asking for guidance about how to get into the field.


Action Steps

Let us know which of these strategies you have used and how they have worked for you.  If you have questions, post them in the Comments and we’ll do our best to help.

Keeping the faith in your career….

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