As the candidate, you should be sure to discuss the employer’s needs and how you have solved the same or similar needs.  That all happens during the interview.  The ‘thank you’ letter shouldn’t re-hash that conversation.  During the interview, be sure to ask for the interviewer’s business card so you have their contact information. I believe you should send an email ‘thank you’ immediately, giving the interviewer some ‘kudos’, mentioning the one key ‘need’ that you discussed, and stating your interest in working with the interviewer to solve their needs.

Here’s an example ‘Thank You Letter’ that you can modify to fit your job interview:

Dear Stewart,

It was a pleasure meeting with you today. Thank you for sharing (your company) story about the new location you are opening in Grand Rapids and your need for building an effective call center team in that location. I understand the challenges presented with building a new team while striving to maintain the amazing customer service your company is known for.  It was interesting to see the correlation between your plans and the work that I accomplished when I built the new team for (previous company).

I also enjoyed learning that we share a similar passion for golf, although it sounds as if you are far more accomplished than I am!

Thanks to your thorough explanation of the strategy you want to employ for your new location, I have a much better understanding of how I can best help you and your company.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to join (company name).

Warm Regards,

Your Name
Your Email
Your Phone Number

Snail Mail or Email?

You can send this ‘thank you letter’ either by email or snail mail.  Personally, I prefer snail mail, but there is no hard and fast rule.  If you choose to use email, it’s also OK to send a snail mail letter a day later that mentions some additional point you would like to give to the interviewer to help them solve their need.  It’s not just a repeat of the email ‘thank you letter’, but it lets the interviewer know that you are continuing to work on their ‘problem/need’ and that you have more solutions for them.

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