Are you frustrated with your job search process?  Are you tired of applying to jobs that you find on job search sites, only to get a rejection email or that deafening silence?

Have you thought that your only option is to look for jobs and apply online through job search sites?

Or, have you been told that you have to network your way into a job?  For many, that’s a scary proposition.  They either have few connections or they are afraid of getting out there and ‘networking’.

The Odds Are Against You When You Apply On Job Search Sites

So, let’s see.  According to some of the available statistics, here’s what you’re up against:

  • Only about 20% of all available jobs are actually posted online
  • You have a 98% chance of being eliminated by an applicant tracking system
  • You have a 1.2% chance of getting a job through an online application on job search sites

I guess the good news is, you have a better chance of getting a job than you do of:

  • Getting hole in one in golf
  • Bowling a 300 game
  • Being an astronaut
  • Winning an Olympic medal
  • Being struck by lightning

Does that make you feel better?!

The Definition of Insanity

Do you know the definition of insanity?  It’s doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

Is that how you feel when you keep applying to jobs through job search sites, only to get a standard rejection email, or worse, nothing?

End the Madness

Hey, if you are applying to jobs through job search sites and getting lots of interviews and job offers, then this message probably isn’t for you.  Congratulations!

But, if you have been trying to stand out from the crowd by following the crowd on those job search sites and you haven’t had any success, then maybe it’s time to try something different.

We Didn’t Start Out As Job Coaches

That’s true.  We started out as educators – a high school English teacher and a college graduate assistant.  We believed in helping people.

Fast forward 37 years.  We had become corporate sales trainers, teaching thousands of people how to use a consultative needs based approach to helping customers and businesses.

Over the years we also interviewed and hired hundreds and hundreds of people.  We also helped many people advance in their careers as well as transition to other jobs in other companies.  It was a rewarding career.

As we were approached by more and more people to help them find jobs, we learned that most people were frustrated by trying to follow the system – finding jobs on online job search sites and applying through applicant tracking systems.  They were trying to beat the applicant tracking systems by stuffing their resumes with keywords.  They didn’t know if they were supposed to send a cover letter, or if cover letters were dead.  And mostly, they were just mad they weren’t able to get a job.

The AHA Moment

As we listened to our friends and colleagues who were looking for jobs, we started to think about the consultative needs-based training that we had taught for years.  We realized that employers all have needs – and they hire people to provide solutions for those needs.

We also realized that when someone submits a resume through an online applicant tracking system, it’s virtually impossible to show any hiring manager how they can be the solution provider for those needs.  You don’t even reach the hiring manager when you submit your resume online through job search sites.  You just reach some software that evaluates the keywords in your resume.  You are not a Real Person.  You are just the keywords and bullet points on your resume!

This was one of those light bulb moments for us.  We suddenly knew that the best way for a job seeker to get a job was to uncover the employer’s needs and then show how they could provide the solutions for those needs.  How can you do that by applying through job search sites?  The truth is, you can’t.

The Real Person Job StrategyTM

So we set about figuring out how to get a job without applying through online job boards and applicant tracking systems.  We wanted to emphasize that our approach was about Real People, not about paper resumes, keywords, bullet points and following the crowd.  We decided to call our strategy The Real Person Job StrategyTM.

Will It Work Every Time and For Everyone?

Nope.  Sorry to burst the bubble.

The Real Person Job StrategyTM is an effective way to get hiring managers to want to talk with you.  But it isn’t going to work 100% of the time.  If you have been trying the online job application strategy and had no success, you will find that The Real Person Job StrategyTM can give you much better results.  And the more you work on implementing the strategy, the better you will get, and the better your results will be.

If you want to learn The Real Person Job StrategyTM, we will show you how.  Then it’s up to you to do the work and follow the process to successfully get your next job!

How Does The Real Person Job StrategyTM Work?

Great question.  Instead of looking for jobs on job search sites, submitting your resume through those online applications, and then sitting back and waiting and hoping, you are going to do something quite different.

You are going to learn how to find the employers where you want to work and the jobs you would like to have.  But you are NOT going to apply online.  In fact, you aren’t going to apply at all.

You will learn how to find the managers who are hiring for those jobs.  You will learn how to engage those managers in a consultative, needs-based conversation that identifies YOU as the person who can help solve their needs.

You will learn how to turn the traditional, scary interview into a positive and enlightening conversation.

You will learn how to share your value with employers and decide if the job is right for you.

You will learn how to build bridges that lead to relationships, even if you think ‘networking’ is the most scary word you have ever heard.

You will learn that you are a powerful and amazing, Real Person.

Learn Your Own Real Person Job StrategyTM on

If you’re tired of submitting online job applications through job search sites and you’re ready to take control of your job search, sign up for The Real Person Job StrategyTM.  You’ll get weekly emails with a Step-by-Step Process to help you get a job without applying online.  And you’ll be able to get control of your job search and your career.  You’ll also get Instant Notification when the new online course, ‘The Real Person Job StrategyTM‘, launches!

The Real Person Job Strategy

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